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Lessons in Watton, Norwich and Online






Watton, Norfolk


BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance degree, majored in vocals. 

BAST singing teacher training course.

Frances trained in Popular Music Performance, majoring in Vocals at the Leeds College of Music and the University of Chester.

She sings, produces and writes her own music. Her song Sky is Falling reached the semi-finals of the Song of the Year worldwide songwriting competition. She has also performed in Luxembourg with the Studio d'Opera de Luxembourg.

Frances has lots of teaching experience as a Vocal Coach, helping her students prepare for auditions, gigs and studio recording sessions. She also teaches songwriting and production, having taught students training professionally in this area.

Her classes are fun, inspiring and educational. She likes to teach a basic scientific understanding of the voice. She keeps her classes playful by using voice related games to enhance confidence and teach technique.

Songwriting and Production Lessons

Want to learn the basics, or improve and hone in on your Songwriting skills? Want to learn how to record your song in a home-studio and produce it to demo level?

Frances has been teaching private Songwriting and Production lessons in Logic Pro X for 2 years now, helping her students write, record, mix and release their first singles to date. Over the past 3 years she has also given Masterclasses in Songwriting and Production in schools, to 14-18 year old music students at GCSE and A-level.

"I use my own industry experience from many collaborations with music professionals, from Songwriting in my university degree, as well as writing and releasing my own album."

Her song Sky is Falling from her personal debut EP recently reached the semi-finals of the Song of the Year worldwide songwriting competition.

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